Ultra Beam Lighting

Emphasis on comfort while reading is a must. Therefore, finding the best type of lamp is essential. UBL’s Reading Light offers the comfort and the environment necessary for reading. From simple reading to writing assignments, the position of light matters.

There is a wide range of wall mounted lights all coming in a fantastic display and excellent qualities. Whether reading from the bed or the table, the amount of light and the point of illumination of light are crucial. Moreover, getting an unrivalled quality is equally important.

At ultra beam lighting, quality is the key factor in creating wall mounted reading lights. These lights come in various shape and size depending on your reading specifications. An advantage is that the lamps come with mounting instructions. The mounting instructions differ depending on the type of wall.

Most of the lamps are LED, and they come in various models such as the flexible Led wall lamps and the fixed. The lamps can be used in the bedroom, study rooms, home office any other place where reading is possible. The flexible head lamps can be turned to offer the desired lighting angle. As such, fitting different sitting postures.

The 3 watt Nero, 3-watt Seville single, Jett black and LWA298 among others, are the best LED wall-mounted lamps. Nero provides enough light for reading purposes either on the bed or table. This is due to its light head of 35 millimetres. Mounting two of them on either side of the bed or table, provide sufficient light for your studying activities. The lamp produces warm white light and has a flexible arm extending up to 33o millimetres.

The LWA298 on the hand is perfect due to its lumen output capacity. At 600 lumen output, coupled with a high-quality CREE led of 6 watts, this excellent lamp not only provides sufficient illumination but warm lights also. Besides, the lamp has an on/of a switch on the backplate. Fixing two on either side of the bed or table is bright enough to read.

Style and fashion should accompany the wall mounted reading lights. A basic example is the LPL197. This ceiling pendant is an excellent lamp for study rooms. With 3600-lumen output and 36 wats, the lamp produces a superb glow.

With thousands of reading lamps in the market, it only takes a keen eye to single out the best. With manufacturers balancing between profits and quality, Ultra Beam aims at satisfying the customers’ reading needs. Whether your reading station is the bed or the table, comfort should be your priority!